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Leong's book presents a more accessible Jesus and (in my view) one who is a more powerful spiritual master. If you can keep in mind that ALL we know about the teachings of the historical Jesus comes to us through the eyes (and biases) of others who wrote long after his death, perhaps you will open your mind to consider the plausible alternative views presented by: 1.

May 10,  · The Lost Teachings Of Jesus (Vol.2) [Elizabeth Clare Prophet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reveals that concepts regarded as purely Eastern, like karma, reincarnation and chakras, can be found in the mysteries Jesus taught.

Tells how you/5(4). This book is a restatement of the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Like an earlier effort by Thomas Jefferson, who produced The Jefferson Bible in the early 's, its purpose is to distill from the Scriptures only those verses truly portraying the life and teachings of Jesus. Each major event in his life is treated.


We have a lot of overstocked books about Jesus. Aug 27,  · The Lost Forbidden Gnostic Teachings of Jesus An ancient Christian tomb was discovered in when workers in Egypt found 13 leather-bound manuscripts, which revealed more information about the.

Other teachings from Matthew. Jesus' Provision for Our Deepest Needs: Rest (from the series Jesus' Provision for Our Deepest Needs) Finding Rest for your Soul (from the series Short Sayings of Jesus) Matthew by Gary DeLashmutt.

Who is the Real Jesus. (from the series The Essential Jesus) Matthew by Gary DeLashmutt. Feb 10,  · The teachings of Jesus are timeless, healing, power-filled truths.

Jesus Quotes - Top Biblical Quotes from Christ The words of Jesus Christ are The teachings of Jesus book changing and timeless. When Jesus spoke, lives were transformed and the trajectory of life forever altered. He tells us that He is "the way, the truth and the life" (John ), and His words have.

About The Secret Teachings of Jesus. In Decembertwo Egyptian fellahin, digging for natural fertilizer in the Nile River valley unearthed a sealed storage jar. The jar proved to hold treasure of an unexpected sort: a collection of some fifty-two ancient manuscripts, most of which reflect the teachings of a mystical religious movement we call Gnosticism (from the Greek word gnosis.

The book of Thomas is an account during Jesus' life, They did not disappoint, and in fact I was thrilled to read Jesus speak of teachings that are basic law of attraction fundamentals. The gospel of Thomas reads much like the dhammapada in that it contains only sayings from Jesus with little narrative/5.

Jesus' Teaching and Life Jesus' Teaching and Life The teachings about leadership in the book the leadership wisdom of Jesus by Charles Manz cannot be described a religious and preachy book, but as a book that every leader, manager or public servant should read.

The book applies ancient wisdom and skills to an advanced modern world in a rejuvenated and wise manner. A summary of Jesus' teachings during His three years of The teachings of Jesus book ministry. Topics include The Gospels, Who is Jesus?, God's Love for Mankind, The Kingdom of God, Love the Lord Your God, Love Your Neighbor as Yourself and The parables of Jesus.

Includes many quotes from the Bible plus a chronological table and map of Jesus' life and ministry. This book presents an analysis of the Teachings that were left to people by Jesus Christ in His Incarna-tion. The Teachings are systematized in this book in ac-cordance to the main themes touched by Jesus.

The bibliographic sources used in this work are the New Testament and some Apocryphal Gospels. The book is addressed to all people. Therefore, this series on the Teachings of Jesus is essential for all who wish to experience spiritual growth and a better understanding of how to walk as Jesus walked.

If you are already confident that you know these teachings then this book will reinforce and bless you. Jesus' teachings and discourses to the apostles and to the Jewish leaders.

Jesus teaches about God, values, evangelizing, his mission, the kingdom, politics, science, philosophy, prayer, salvation and scripture. Teachings in resurrection appearances included. Introduction to Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon Teacher Manual (Religion ) Lesson 1: The Book of Mormon Is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 2: Heeding the Words of Prophets. Lesson 3: Obedience Brings Blessings. Lesson 4: The Fall of Adam and the Gift of Agency. The Apocryphon of James, also known by the translation of its title – the Secret Book of James, is a pseudonymous text amongst the New Testament apocrypha.

It describes the secret teachings of Jesus to Peter and James, given after the Resurrection but before the Ascension. A major theme is that one must accept suffering as inevitable.

The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ are presented here being divided by main subjects and with the use of different Apocrypha, including the Gospel of Philip. Besides, we present here the contemporary sayings of Jesus, His Apostles, and some Adepts Who have traversed the entire Path shown by Jesus Christ.

Esotericism. Ethics. Meditation. Teachings from JESUS. 2, likes · 28 talking about this. To help people know more from Jesus. Book. Christian Verses and Hymnals. Personal Website. Letters from Jesus. Book. The Teachings of Jesus Christ, The Son of God. Religious Organization. OPEN Prayer Online for the Whole World.

Nonprofit Organization. See More triangle-down;Followers: K. The Teachings of Jesus explores what Jesus communicated about His Father, about salvation, about the Sabbath, and much more. Through both His words and His actions, Jesus introduced His disciples to the principles of the kingdom of heaven.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles Student Manual book. Read 16 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

The New Testament i /5. May 01,  · "The Secret Teachings of Jesus" is (are?) well worth note: The cover art is of a mosaic of Christ in Glory from the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy.

So often book covers add nothing to the value of the book, but this is a beautiful and totally appropriate work of art for this book.5/5(5). In Christianity, the term Five Discourses of Matthew refers to five specific discourses by Jesus within the Gospel of Matthew.

The five discourses are listed as the following: the Sermon on the Mount, the Missionary Discourse, the Parabolic Discourse, the Discourse on. Dec 18,  · There and hundreds of teachings contained in the 4 Gospels of the New Testament, teachings that, if we obeyed, would absolutely flip our lives and world upside-down for the glory of God and the good of all people.

What the Church as a whole and Evangelicals in particular desperately need in this age is a return to the plain teachings of Brandan Robertson. The Urantia Book PART IV The Life and Teachings of Jesus This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve Urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a Melchizedek revelatory director.

The basis of this narrative was supplied by a secondary midwayer who was onetime assigned to the superhuman watchcare of the Apostle Andrew.

Well, an excellent book about Jesus was probably written by the Roman centurion Cornelius and it has come to be known as the Gospel of Mark, It is an intelligence report on the activities of Jesus sent up the Roman military chain of command and tr.

Jan 02,  · Question: "What are the basics of Jesus’ teaching?" Answer: The basics of Jesus’ teaching are profound yet simple enough for a child to understand; they are spiritual yet relevant to everyday life.

Basically, Jesus taught that He was the fulfillment of messianic prophecy, that God requires more than external obedience to rules, that salvation comes to those who believe in Christ, and that.

The Radical Teachings of Jesus by Derek J. Morris. Jesus ignored human traditions and presented His listeners with God's truth. Discover some of the radical ideas He taught that defied conventional wisdom and customs then--and that continue to do so today.

All the teachings of Jesus Christ. Be a workman not ashamed by rightly dividing the word of truth which is the words, the teachings, of Jesus Christ which were given directly by God. The Mystical Teachings of Jesus. 26K likes. An inspired compilation from mystic David Hoffmeister of Bible verses and quotes from “A Course in Miracles” to illuminate the mind.

Prayer Meditation BookFollowers: 27K. The Book is the inspiring story of Jesus’ entire life and a revelation of his original teachings. This panoramic narrative includes his birth, childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances.

Teaching Series from Luke. Teaching series from by Dennis McCallum. Lucas (in Spanish) by Gary DeLashmutt. Other teachings from Luke. The Holy Spirit (from the series Who Is the Holy Spirit and Why Is He So Important?) Luke by Gary DeLashmutt. Jesus' Provision for Our Deepest Needs: Reconciliation (from the series Jesus.

The oldest known copy of a text claiming to be Jesus' teachings to his brother James has been discovered in an ancient Egyptian trash dump, scattered among piles of fifth-century papyrus, ancient Author: Brandon Specktor. This course, Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon (Religion ), is designed to help students use a different approach to studying the Book of Mormon.

The lessons found in this course focus on prominent doctrinal themes emphasized by the inspired authors of the Book of Mormon. Mark and Elizabeth Prophet show that many of Jesus' original teachings were lost. Some were removed from the Gospels. Others were suppressed or kept secret.

In modern vernacular, the authors offer a unique blend of the mystical and the practical that goes beyond the orthodox view of Jesus to /5(3). When Jesus is the center of each Bible truth, hearts are touched and lives are changed. Derek Morris uplifts the Jesus of the New Testament in all of His richness and matchless charms.

But the gospel Jesus preached is not a soft, watered-down version of easy believism. The Radical Teachings of Jesus will move you to the core of your being. Jesus: Son of David "The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham."() In this one tiny verse is wrapped up the essence of Jesus Christ.

First of all we see the "genealogy." In this, we see His "humanity." Jesus was born as "water and blood."(1Jn) That which makes up humanity. Twelve teachings of Jesus that were radical concepts for his time and still bear great impact for us today.

Discover what Jesus said about forgiveness, faith, love, caring for others, and more and learn how to apply these teachings for our lives. Great for small group discussions or Bible studies on the teachings of Christ. 14 panels unfold to 33' long.

The internationally known author of the classic All series invites you to study the life-giving words Jesus spoke to his disciples and the multitudes.

With wisdom that comes from years of preaching and studying the Bible, Lockyer examines a variety of topics from Jesus' teachings, including sin, forgiveness, money, death, love, and ministry.

pages, softcover from Hendrickson.4/4(1). The Christ Teachings: Our Purpose. If you are on a personal spiritual quest you have undoubtedly run into countless books, articles and websites claiming to be the message and teachings of Christ, Jesus, Jeshua ben Joseph and it seems that the books have been growing in number over the last 10 years.

In Decembertwo Egyptian fellahin, digging for natural fertilizer in the Nile River valley unearthed a sealed storage jar. The jar proved to hold treasure of an unexpected sort: a collection of some fifty-two ancient manuscripts, most of which reflect the teachings of a mystical religious movement we call Gnosticism (from the Greek word gnosis, "knowledge")/5(20).

This is the little book of Remembrance, revealed to correct the tragedy of Jesus’ teachings gone awry. Read these teachings of Jesus along with the biblical references provided that they become alive, understandable, and you remember.The Teachings of Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount and Parables of the New Testament (The Holy Bible, King James Version) by Jesus Christ and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at 3rdrailphotography.comNot only does Jesus teach in parables, He does so in fulfillment of prophesy.

It is ironic, then, that none of Jesus’ teachings appear in parables in John. These are just some of the reasons why scholars think John adapted Jesus’ teachings.

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